Account Fees and Limits

This version of the Monet Business Fees terms applies to new customers who join from 1st November 2021.

Monthly fee £0*

*Our Early Bird pricing model allows us to provide the Monet Business Card and Account for without any subscription costs for all customers who sign up and order a card before March 2022.
Our terms and subscription fees will update as of 1st March 2022.
Customers who have signed up before 1st March 2022 may be required to begin paying a subscription fee to continue using Monet services

Free Allowances:

Plastic Card
1 free card per business account

Payments to other Monet accounts
Unlimited and free

Domestic Transfers
Unlimited and free

Unlimited and free

SEPA Transfers
Unlimited and Free

FX fees
0% – we pass on the Mastercard base exchange rate to you, meaning we do not charge any fees.
However, in currencies that are subject to high volatility, we hold a temporary 3% padding on transactions then refund any differences once the transaction has fully settled.

Account withdrawals fee
Unlimited and free

Other Costs
Excluding those detailed in the Free Allowance section
Plastic Cards £5.99 per card (including replacements, and card for team members)
Recall a bank transfer £25 per transfer
Early Pay Trust Account Deposit Fee
100% fee on deposits as part of the Early Pay Terms of Use


ATM withdrawals per day
£2000 per day (or equivalent in other currencies, excluding ATM fees)

Physical Cards
4 per person, per entity.
Only one card can be active at a time

Monthly Card Spend

Monthly Top Up

Billing Schedule
You will be billed in advance of the month, quarter or year as set out in your subscription plan when you signed up.
Any allowances on your account will reset per allowance period.
If you choose to upgrade your plan mid-billing cycle, your new allowances will be adjusted automatically, giving you the allowance you requested. If you choose to downgrade your plan, this will take affect from the start of the next billing cycle.

If one of your customers disputes a transaction, they can raise a ‘chargeback’ request. For example, they may do so if they allege a transaction was fraudulent or a product was counterfeit or not delivered. If the chargeback is successful, the transaction will be refunded, but you’ll be charged a chargeback fee. The chargeback fee depends on the currency of the original transaction, as set out below. You may be able to challenge the chargeback request.The amount of the chargeback fee depends on the currency of the original transaction. If you provide evidence that the transaction has been legitimate and you delivered products or services according to the agreement with the customer, the issuer bank might revert the chargeback and you will also get the chargeback fee reverted back to your Merchant account.